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Types of Djinn or Jinn

Names and kinds of jinn

1. satan

types of demonsIn Arabic language the clever betrayer disbeliever jinn are known as Satan's or shayiteens .The legend of these shayiteens is king ibess who they worship and obey.The kingdom of iblees is on the sea and he commands jinns from there to help out his followers and empowers them who worship him with faith.


In the state of hijaz there was a forest known as ubqari where there was kingdom of jinn .As the only population in ubqari was jinn so it was known as ubqreun and these kind of jinns were very intelligent and had supernatural skills.

3. Ghol

The jinn which change their faces and frighten the lost human in deserts and forests are known as ghol.


Afreet are very powerful jinn which reside near the volcanus or fire in the mountains or underneath the earth .They are very powerful and travel into the skies to get the secret orders given to the angles.

5.Amir | zair

The jinn which reside in the house with people are known as amir and the one who comes occasionally are known as zair ,in arabic language zair if some friend who visits you occasionally is known as zaire.


Aseb is a persian word which means jinn.These are very dangerous kind of jinn who captures the vacant houses and then its very difficult to make the get out of the house or a vacant place they have captured.


These are jinn which are very satanic and off small height.They have a lot of knowledge about black magic spells and rituals but if they start teasing a human then its really difficult to get rid of them.

8. Gandeela

These are the jinns which are known as most dirtiest of all as they live in the places with urine shit and menstrual blood and if they come on any human then he usually experience bad smell around him even his house.


This is a jinn which appears in the shape of a very pretty female or sometimes in form of a horrifying witch and is very dangerous can kill any human.

Where Do Jinn Live | Culture | Traditions

The life of a jinn is similar to humans as they have families ,they get married,have children.It is proven from the verse of Quran which says “Do you make freinship with their children Knowing they are your enemies”.Hazrat Abbas narrates from abdullaha bin umer that prophet( p.b.u.h ) said ” Allah has divided humans and jinn into 10 parts, in the ratio of when 1 human child is born on the other hand 9 jinn children are born .So we can assume how greater will be jinn in number compare to human population.So it is clearly stated that jinn have marriages they have famlies .They have religions clutures tradtions as humans have.

Can a Jinn and Human Get Married ?

Yes according to islam it is possible that a jinn is married to a human and they can also reproduce give birth to a child and in arabic such a child is called “khun us” and one which is produced by a relationship with a demon is called ”amlooq” .But it it has been not been purely declared halal in islam.

Where Do The Jinn Live

The favourite places of jinns are dirty and filthy places which includes
2.Animal Bunkers
3.Dirty sewage Water
4.Old Trees
5.Barren land
6.Rivers and Lakes
7.Valleys Between Two Mountains
8.Old Vacant Houses

Summoning Djinn | jinn summoning

Now even in this modern world of science and technology people trend towards summoning of djinns and jinns have flourished day by day.Every human wants to control the djinn or demons in order to fulfil there desires by jinns supernatural powers .So many of them perform different rituals and ceremonies to capture them or call them for help but due to lack of knowledge fails but they never give up as they have a strong belief in the powers of a jinn.Now the reason for explaining all the above introduction about the jinn is that one who is summoning them shall have complete knowledge about the jinns and he shall excatly know who he is dealing with.
Can everybody summon djinn?The answer to this question is that yes but summoning djinn is an art and a secret branch of spirituality.So like every other art it needs knowledge guidance and practice.Like no one can become a doctor or an engenieer in one day how can one invoke jinn without studying practicing and getting to a professional level.But unfortunately today people want to control jinn without any hard ship knowledge.some foolish people also pay others to buy the jinn and loose there money and presious savings.Thus it is concluded that summonig djinn is an art which is impossible without practice and knowledge.

How To Summon Djinn

Now after you have gone through all the above information i would guide you through the steps for summoning djinn and you shall consider all these things carefully so you shall not get harm while performing the ritual.The another important thing is that by considering these steps you will be 100% successful without wasting your time .

1.Developing Power Of Concentration

The first step in summoning djinn is that you have to first develop the power of deep concentration and develop your inner self.So when you are performing the ritual you shall only be focusing on your task and your mind shall be free from all kind of different thoughts.For this you have to practice the following exercise:
  • Sit in yoga position in a quiet peaceful place
  • Stick a A4 size with a black dot size of a coin
  • Stare it without blinking till you reach time limit 40 mins
This will make you one pointed but remember you have to start with the time starting from 5 minutes and increasing the time to 40 mins.This may take 3 to 4 weeks.

2.Developing a Strong Will

It is very truly said that where there is a will there is a way” So you have to make sure in your mind that you will achieve what you want and if you are double minded then you wont succeed.For this when you wake up early in the morning  and when you go to sleep say these words repeatedly for 11 0r 21 times to make your will solid like a rock.
  • My eyes are filled with magnetic Forces
  • I can control anyones heart and brain
  • i can achieve what i will
  •  No body can stop me from achieving my desired goal
You might be thinking what good will it bring to you?But after a week you will see positive changes  in your thinking and will power.Continue it for 3 weeks.

3.Preparation Of The Room & Dress

The preparation of the ritual room is very important and  key to your success.The basic requirement is that the room shall be empty and no else shall enter the ritual room.Then you can decorate your room with skeletons knifes or anything which suits your mood and make you confident. Your dress shall be unstitched and like a gown preferably black in colour.

4.Selection Of The Right incense

Always select the right type of incense as suggested in the typical ritual don’t ignore this rule as its quiet important.

5.Circle Of Protection

You shall always be careful about your protection while summoning djinn as they can hurt you badly if they get out of control so you always cast a protection circle which is casted through protection spell with the help of a knife.So keep safe and stay blessed.
jinn summoning
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What IS A Djinn/Jinn?

Jinns (also spelled djinns) or genies are super natural creatures that can shape-shift and provide humans with what seems like magical abilities,They also can take form as another living person or animals such as dogs and camels,Rarely do they take form as smaller animal since death of the animal would lead to their own peril .***Manifestation Of your wishes***Revenge/Retribution***Harm Others without Being Seen***Cause Argument Between Spouses***They Can bring Luck To Certain Extent ***Some Can Aide In The Banishing Of Another Djinn***Move Of Objetcts***Magical Abilities A prophet by the name of Suleiman (PBUH) once a djinn to bring him queen shiba's throne and it stated it can do it before he stands.Djinns can travel on the lowest levels of heaven,even though it's dangerous for them to gather information spoken among angels.In the old days the heavens were not guarded.

So many fortune tellers would use their djinn to gather info this way,but of course  the djinn added his own lies to the conversation. But after the coming of prophet Muhammad (PBUH) The heavens are now guarded and a djinn would be struck by meteorites /flying stars  if they tried to eavesdrop from the heavens."And we have guarded it (The Heavens) from ever accursed devil,except one who is able to snatch  a hearing and is pursued by brightly burning flame
" Quran 15:18

Where Djinn/Jinn Lives?

Most entities exist in the astral realm,For djinn and demons,they usually reside near places of "fifth" such as bathrooms and piles of rubbish,Now this does not mean  they live in the bathroom or such as,It means their realms reside in such places.

Other djinns has their homes near bodies of water like rivers and the middle of the ocean/sea,hundred and even thousand miles away from the shore.It said Satan's throne/home is in the middle of the sea.Once again this does not mean they live in the ocean or sea,but their realm is by those places.

They are specific around the world that are said to have strong presence and sightings  of djinn,such as majlis al Jinn (meeting/gathering place of the Jinn). Once this area was used as a place for bungee jumping,however ,the country of Oman no longer allows entrance in the  cave.

The city of Bahala in Oman is said to be full of djinn and black magic.

Remember we spoke of realms,so it's unlikely to just be able to go to those places and view one.It means those are just some of the  places that have high djinn activity.Their world lies behind the astral curtains .To us,they are nothing more than caves and small villages but what lies beneath ,is unseen world of djinns.

Djin summoning 

You will need the following items for this spell: 

  • A mirror (any size or shape) 
  • An item you wish the Djinn to become bound to. This item must be a personal relic from your past. The stronger the personal meaning the item has to you, the better it will work. Many people use rings or pendants, for their subtlety and their ease of transportation. 
  • Black lipstick (anything that is solid black and will write easily on a mirror without damaging it will work, but I’ve found lipstick to be the best thing to use) 
  • An unscented black candle, white candle, and red candle (these can be any size or shape, as long as they don’t have a scent). Black candles can be sometimes difficult to find, but, if you can’t find one at your local superstore or candle store, you may contact me any time.

Casting Instructions for 'Djinn Summoning'
First, you need to set up the area you wish to perform the spell. You should be in a perfectly quiet room, where you can be alone during the duration of the spell, and stay relaxed. You need to have your mirror, lipstick, and personal item nearby, and the candles need to be set up in a straight line on the floor, about 6 inches from one another, in the order: white, red, black. Now, to begin the spell, you must say the following words 3 times (I will include pronunciation in parenthesis). Allah (ah-lah) shafim (sha-feem) barat (buh-rot) shiu (shoe) kamir (kuh-meer). This incantation is used to ?open the gates? to the world of the Djinn. 

After you have said the incantation, light your candles, in the order, white, black, red (the white and black candles represent the free will of the Djinn, while the red candle, as well as the flame that rests upon it, represents the fire which gave birth to the Djinn). Now, here is where you will choose the specific type of Djinn you wish to summon. Choose what you want, and, with the black lipstick, write the words as neatly as possible, towards the center of the mirror. Please note that you MUST, choose either male or female, and you must choose the type of Djinn. 

You can?t ?leave it blank?. First, no matter what you?re choosing, write: Ali Allah hamal Jinni Then, for the sex, after the word Jinni, write: Muschna (for male), or vamir (for female). Now, after the sex is written, write the following, no matter what type of Djinn you choose. al aman. Now, write the word for the type of Djinn you wish to choose after the period after aman. *For a Marid Djinn (most powerful, friendly, water element), write- Majirr Al-Amari *For an Ifrit (Efrit) Djinn (malicious, second most powerful, fire element), write Flamarr Al-Amari *For a Guhl (shapeshifting), write Sul Al-Amari *And for a Sila (the weakest of the Djinn, however, recommended if you are a beginner), write Shamal Al-Amari Then, after the type of Djinn, write the following: Closun ontei. Now, you may feel the Djinn?s presence in the room with you. 

If you don?t don?t worry, as many people don?t unless they are familiar with the energies a Djinn puts off. Now, you must request that the Djinn be bound to your item (ring, pendant, etc.) in exchange for some of your psychic energy (Djinn feed off of psychic energies, but it must be offered to them, so the Djinn will gladly accept your offer. To do this, say ?I wish you to be physically and spiritually bound to this ____ (name of item) presented to you here.? You don?t have to do anything special with the item?just make sure it?s near your casting area, so the Djinn doesn?t enter into the wrong item. Then say ?In exchange for your mortal services, I offer you a certain amount of my own energies.? Then, you must perform a short (1 or 2 minutes) meditation, during which, you will concentrate as hard as you can on ?transferring your energy from your body, and into the item you wish to bind the Djinn to.? After you?ve finished your meditation, and transferred some of your energy into the item, the Djinn should be bound the item. Now, to close the spell, say the following 3 times: En (in) tien (tea-in) Allah (ah-lah) cluman (clue-mon). 

After you have said the recitation, blow out the red candle, then the black, and then the white. Wipe off the lipstick from the mirror, as the spell is now completed. Also, as a special bonus, I am going to include some tips on beginning communications with your Djinn. However, these tips are not originally mine, and I am passing them to you by permission of another Djinn conjurer, who wishes to remain anonymous. Here they are: Since your Djinn is new to you, there is very little chance it will appear as a physical manifestation until it gains your trust. If you wish to ask it a question, however, there are ways that most Djinn prefer to answer you.

 If you wish to ask it a question, before it gets used to you, and will answer you with audible sound, do this: Take a pencil in your weakest hand, and place it on the first line of an empty piece of paper. Ask the question outloud, in the presence of the Djinn, and command the Djinn to guide your hand and lead your to answers. Then, close your eyes, and begin moving the pencil slowly in random patterns, just doing whatever feels right, without thinking about what you?re writing, until the paper is covered. 

Then, open your eyes, and examine the paper. Many times you will find that (if your Djinn isn?t too stubborn), it will have guided your hand to write out the answer to your questions within the paper. Just look for words scattered among the random marks. Another way, and a way the Djinn prefer to communicate with their masters, is through the dream world. 

To communicate this way, simply have the Djinn close to you, and, right before you go to bed, do a 10 or 15 minute meditation on the question you would like the Djinn to answer. Then, go to sleep immediately after. You?ll find that the Djinn will appear in your dreams, in one form or another, and will help to advise and guide you. You will find these techniques very useful for asking the Djinn information about itself, such as it?s name, and if it is ready to start granting your wishes, etc.

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